Fortnite Season 3 (THE NEW MAP & When Does Downtime End)

Fortnite Season 3 (THE NEW MAP & When Does Downtime End)

Fortnite Collision Chapter 3, Season 2, which has been waiting for weeks by Fortnite fans, has finally taken place. The Loopers see the new and improved Mecha in action, and Peely finally learned to drive. Players also teamed up with their friends and took control of the giant machine. For more updates follow

Fortnite Collision Chapter 3, Season 2 has ended, and thousands of players are looking forward to the new season. Before the story progresses and the new trailer for Chapter 3, Season 3, is revealed, a “To Be Continued” Screen welcomes us. So when will start Chapter 3, Season 3? Here’s everything you need to know about the new season.

Fortnite Leak Summary of the latest information on Chapter 3 Season 3 

When Will Start Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3?

First, you need to look at what happened today in Fortnite. In the game, Season 2 live event ended with a chaotic fight and a thwarting of the IO’s diabolical plan. The mech and the seven ended the fight with a huge mech show, and now all players stare at the still image labeled ‘To Be Continued.’

Fortnite servers are down after Chapter 3, Season 2. We don’t have anything concrete about this because, in Fortnite, we only see an image with the label “To be continued.” It is not yet known whether the servers will be available on Sunday morning.

Although there was no confirmation from the official Fortnite Twitter account, the launch of previous seasons was interrupted by around 12 hours. But iFireMonkey, a well-known Fortnite leaker, says that Chapter 3, Season 3, is to go live at 3 AM PT / 6 AM ET / 11 AM BST on Sunday, June 5th.

The only known information about the new third season revolves around the leaked Battle Pass. If you believe the Darth Vader and Indiana Jones leaks, there may be some truth to it.

In addition, some leakers have released three new Battle Pass skins for Season 3, all of which are trendy and target the “Vibin style.” Fortnite has already confirmed this with the tweet above.


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