In ‘Aquaman 2’ Amber Heard Has Lass Than 10 Min. Of Screen Time

In ‘Aquaman 2’ Amber Heard Has Lass Than 10 Min. Of Screen Time

Amber Heard’s career may already be suffering because of Johnny Depp’s trial — she reportedly has a significantly smaller role in ‘Aquaman 2‘ … amounting to mere minutes. Follow us on Trends.TodayLeaked.Com.

According to film journalist Grace Randolph — who’s known to get solid comic book movie scoops like this — Amber will be featured in less than 10 minutes of screen time in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

No other context was offered, which is crucial to understanding this — namely, whether Amber’s supposed reduced presence is a recent development, or if it’d been written that way since the beginning. In any case … it’s interesting this news is surfacing now.

Film Wrapped In January:

The film wrapped in January, with director James Wan posting a congratulatory IG with Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson (a new character) … but strangely, not mentioning Amber at all. She was a huge part of the first film — Jason’s love interest — and yet … crickets.

on his social media these past several months — so that, too, is kinda telling. He has been doing some promotional stuff for ‘Aquaman’ here and there. But always solo, or with Pat.

BTW, Amber herself also doesn’t seem to have been doing much, if any, promo for ‘Aquaman 2.’ Most of her IG activity centers around her personal life … except for a snap-in October, when she posted a photo of herself in signature Mera red hair, simply writing … “Red-dy.”

Of course, the film itself has also been bumped schedule-wise. It was originally supposed to be released around the holidays this year. But Warner Bros. pushed it back to March, citing COVID-related production delays.

The ‘Aquaman sequel in the works for a long time — and Amber announced as reprising her role from the get-go. The question is the trial affecting things??? Fact is we normies will never know for sure, unless someone higher up spills the beans.

These films living, breathing entities subject to change until released. Assuming this report is true, WB could easily attribute sidelining Amber. For story reasons as opposed to hanging it on the court revelations that have surfaced these past few weeks.

With that said, fans of Johnny of which there are many amid this trial are probably giddy to hear this rumor. As you might know, there’s an unofficial petition going around calling for her to be recast in ‘Aquaman 2.’Aand it’s already got 2 mil-plus signatures. 😬

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