Watch: Anonymous person plans to leak sextapes of LoriHarvey, Rihanna and Wendy Williams

Watch: Anonymous person plans to leak sextapes of LoriHarvey, Rihanna, and Wendy Williams

Taking to social media, the blogger, revealed that the anonymous sources have sent the sextapes of Wendy Williams and Lori Harvey, but haven’t sent that of Rihanna. For more information please visit our main site TodayLeaked.Com

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The blogger wrote: “They sending everything but Rihanna. I have Wendy and Lori though. I’m assuming this guy slept all three of them.”

Twitter Post:

Taking to social media, GossipOfTheCity, revealed that an anonymous source is planning to send leaked sextapes of Lori Harvey, Rihanna and Wendy Williams to him or her.

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Youtube Video:

The blogger wrote: “Someone is shopping a sex tape of Lori Harvey. I only said Lori because I actually saw for it myself. I didn’t see the other two yet. I’ll keep you updated. And no, I won’t be posting them.

“If they send Rihanna I’ll let you guys know . No one is exempt from tapes lol. Every celebrity has them.”

After revealing the information, TodayLeaked vowed that he or she won’t share the leaked sex video on social media. He or she wrote: “I won’t post it though.”

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