Watch groom plays video of wife cheating video SEX TAPE to expose affair at their WEDDING

Watch groom plays video of wife cheating video SEX TAPE to expose affair at their WEDDING

The clip originally went viral in 2019 but was recently shared again on TikTok where it has garnered almost six million views and thousands of comments from outraged viewers

FUJIAN, CHINA: A video from 2019 has resurfaced showing a groom plays video of wife affair on their wedding day by playing an explicit video of her in bed with another man has gone viral in China, shocking the internet. The couple can be seen walking down the aisle at their wedding reception in Fujian, China’s south-eastern province.

According to local media, the video plays for five minutes on a huge projector screen when they finally make it to the center of the stage. Online accounts claim that after the unfaithful fiancée’s affair with the husband of her pregnant sister was discovered, the video was shown to the unfaithful fiancée in front of family and friends to humiliate her.

Groom Played Bride’s Cheating With Brother-in-Law at Wedding explains:

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The unverified video that appears to have been captured by a guest at the wedding has sparked outrage among internet users. While some claim the incident actually happened, others claim the videos were fabricated as a marketing ploy by a video app.

Major Chinese-language media outlets, such as mainland China’s Sina, Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, and Taiwan’s ET Today, have extensively covered the trending topic, which consists of three clips.

As the couple can be seen in one of the clips walking down the aisle and then standing on a stage at their wedding reception the emcee announces: “Now we are going to show you the videos of how the newlyweds grew up.” However, the projector starts playing an explicit video a short while later. The groom is then seen accusing the bride on stage while saying, “Did you think I didn’t know about this?” The bride then hurls her bouquet at her groom. Soon after, their family members and friends separate them.

‘Who is going to air their dirty laundry on a video website?’ Mr Zha contended. He also pointed out that the clip shown at the wedding featured the video app’s logo. ‘To summarize, there is only one explanation, and that is that this is a malicious marketing stunt,’ he said.

Clips from the incident have been removed from the Chinese social media platform Weibo, but are still circulating on Twitter and the messaging app WeChat.

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