Watch Tommy Lee Shocking full-frontal nude photo vanishes from Instagram

Watch Tommy Lee Shocking full-frontal nude photo vanishes from Instagram

Tommy Lee shocked his social media followers with an NSFW full-frontal photo on Instagram.

The Mötley Crue drummer shared the post on his page on Thursday (11 August).

Tommy Lee

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In the selfie, he was completely naked with his penis in full view, and captioned it: “Ooooopppsss.”

At the time of writing, the photo had not been removed by Instagram, but it vanished from Lee’s account at around 13.30 pm BST. It’s unclear whether it was removed or he deleted it.

Naturally, the comment section was filled with exclamations of disbelief, with electronic music producer and DJ Deadmau5 writing: “Whenever I like to think I give zero f***s, this guy f***en shows up.”

“Well I didn’t expect this when I opened Instagram,” one follower wrote, with another adding: “Was this supposed to be uploaded?”

Lee was recently the focus of Pam & Tommy, a series that told the story of his relationship with Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

In a bizarre scene featured in the show, which is available to stream on Disney+ in the UK, Lee (Sebastian Stan), wonders whether he’s falling in love with Anderson (Lily James) – and discusses his feelings in a heart-to-heart talk with his penis, voiced by Jason Mantzoukas.

A passage inspires the scene in question in Lee’s memoir Tommyland.

Stan told Variety that he tried to approach talking to the penis like any other co-star. “By the end, I treated it like it was an intimate buddy conversation that one might have when they’re falling in love.”

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